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See Reasons why you should become a Vegetarian

Most Nigerians cannot stand the sight of their food not having different collections of meat like beef, goat meat, chicken, turkey, shaki, and even internal parts of a cow. Some people even eat other animals like dog, rat, bush meat, horse meat and many more. To become a vegetarian one has to avoid the intake of these meats and consume more vegetables.

Being a vegetarian is not a easy, but there are health benefits to it, see some below;

Less chance of developing kidney stones

According to the New York University Langone Medical Center, eliminating animal protein consumption in favour of vegetables will result in a higher urine pH; whereas low urine pH has been associated with stone formation.

Less chance of heart disease

Another 2013 study of 44,000 people reported that vegetarians were 32 percent less likely to develop ischemic heart disease.

It is cheaper

You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to figure out that vegetables cost a lot less than meat.

Becoming a vegetarian will not only be beneficial to the health of your body but also to the health of your finances and the environment.

Lower risk of death

Researchers, over time, have been able to show that being a vegetarian has many benefits which make vegetarians healthier overall and even live longer.

With none of the saturated fat and cholesterol that clog the arteries, vegetarians may be at a lower risk of chronic diseases.

It can satisfy all your nutritional requirements

If you think vegans are nutritionally deficient or always hungry, think again.

The official position of The American Dietetic Association is that a comprehensive and well designed vegetarian diet can be nutritionally sound and appropriate for all ages and stages of life, including infants, the elderly, and even athletes.

Sight and skin

Vegetarians tend to have better vision and less macular degeneration and all that extra collagen leads to better skin.

May reduce incidence of diabetes

According to Loma Linda University School of Public Health, vegetarian diets are associated with a significant reduction in the incidence of diabetes.

Information published by George Washington University School of Medicine says vegetarian diets offer important benefits for the management of diabetes and can even reduce the likelihood of development by one half.

Better moods

A 2012 study randomly split participants into three diets: all-meat allowed, fish-only, and vegetarian no-meat.

The researchers found that after two weeks, the people on the vegetarian diet reported more mood improvements than those on the other two diets


Low blood pressure

Researchers say for some people, eating a vegetarian diet could be a good way to treat high blood pressure without medication. When patients with high blood pressure begin a vegetarian diet, many are able to eliminate the need for medication.


Less likely to be overweight

While being a vegetarian isn’t for everyone. If you’re trying to lose weight, being a vegetarian can be a good part of your programme.
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