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Federal Polytechnic Bida

Rector of Federal Polytechnic Bida Speaks On Strike Action by ASUP-BD

The Rector of the Federal Polytechnic Bida speaks on the strike action by the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics in Bida.

The Management Information Committee in collaboration with the Directorate of Communication and Related Matters of The Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State, met with the Rector and Chief Executive, Dr. Abubakar Abdul Dzukogi, to find out how he feels about the situation the Polytechnic found herself in the past two weeks and to really seek a clearer view of the so many insinuations, realities, opinions and facts that made the airs during the 12 Days that the Three Trade Unions on Campus were on STRIKE.

In response, the Rector thanked God Almighty for His benevolence over the Governing Council, Management, Staff, Students and All Stakeholders of the Polytechnic.

According to him, the relationship between every Management and the Labour Unions (Employer & Employee) is that of Interest Groups contesting for the control and sharing of the scarce resources that is always at the custody of the Management and or Employer. For this reason, the relationship may not necessarily be of hostility but that of Partners working in harmony despite their differences to strike a mutual deal that would be beneficial to all and the system. This according to Dr. Dzukogi, is only attainable through dialogue and collective bargaining.

He goes further to say that, the agitations for payment of the arrears of the allowances by the Unions are in the true sense of it in order since truly, members were being owed in arrears.

However, the only snag the Management saw in the reasoning to embark on strike was that, consideration was not given to the fact that the Management was not close ended to paying the allowances in contention.

It is common knowledge that the issue of allowances is no longer a local issue or one peculiar to our Institution. According to him, ” as Rectors, we compare notes, and I know very well, Bida is not as guilty as some others interns of allowances arrears being owed staff”.

On why there always have to be heated agitations and flexing of muscles before allowances are paid, the Rector responds thus:

1. Payment of Allowances arrears is a function of availability of funds solely from Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)

2. Funds from IGR cannot be solely devoted to paying allowances since the cost of the general running of the Institution is also dependent on IGR.

3. Our Emoluments are also augmented each month from the same IGR These factors and many others therefore, normally put the Management in a precarious situation more so, since we generate much our revenue once in a session (during registration at the beginning of the session).

Dr. Dzukogi reiterated on the fact that even when he was not happy that he was owing the Staff Two Months Arrears, it is well known that some other Institutions are owing their Staff well above TWENTY MONTHS ALLOWANCES ARREARS.

He, however did not hesitate to say that he is not in anyway interested in comparing notes with such Institutions as the vow he has entered to with his Creator is to provide relief where there is hardship.

He also went further to say that he was only being misunderstood by some people who probably are not privy to the competing needs seeking attention at the same time. In his words, ” When we, the Management discussed with the Unions, I pleaded with them to allow the Management till ONE WEEK BEFORE FIRST SEMESTER EXAMS and that the arrears would be paid”.

By our calculations, we really knew what we were saying and doing. If I must tell you the secret, the IGR, everyone is told we have is not true. The Students would not pay until you threaten them with CLOSURE OF PORTAL FOR REGISTRATION.

This was effected on April 9,2018, and believe you me, revenue has build up and the Bursar is already working round the corner to see that from the build up, what we are owing is paid. I bet you THIS PAYMENT WILL IN SHA ALLAH hit the accounts of Staff before the 15th or 16th April, 2018 that we promised the Unions but unfortunately, they did not agree with us on.

At any rate, the Management according to the Rector is also happy and encouraged by the intervention of the Governing Council on the contentious issues that have rocked the system in the past two weeks. I hope and pray that together we will all join hands to make this system work better and faster. That according to the Rector is the focus of the Dzukogi Management led SEVEN POINTS AGENDA.

As the briefing was drawing to an end, the Rector was asked if he was aware of “ongoing allegations of corruption, incompetence, falsification, etc” against his person and administration. In response, Dr. Dzukogi said it would be wrong if he submits that he has not heard or read such things on the Walls/Platfoms/Pages of the Social Media.

But in the true sense of it, he has not been served a copy or copies of the allegations or petitions by any Individual, Group or Union. He also says he is not in anyway disturbed by such calculated desires of mischief and deliberate misinformation to mislead the public.

In his thinking, the best and indeed, the ideal thing any person with anything against him should have done is officially get same to the authorities who are constitutionally empowered to check out the allegations.

But unfortunately, this has not been the case. On this matter, he is not crossed as he is very much available to be investigated.

Finally, the Rector and Chief Executive, Dr. Abubakar Abdul Dzukogi reiterated on the following:

1. Because IGR has built up as a result of late payment of registration owing to the Academic Board’s directive to close the Portal, WE ARE IN POSITION TO PAY AND I ASSURE YOU OF ALERTS WITHIN THE NEXT 12 HOURS.

2. I on behalf of myself and the entire Management thank the Governing Council for her fatherly role in the resolutions we have reached.

3. We thank all the Unions for their show of respect for the Governing Council that has allowed for the suspension of the strike.

4. To my amiable SUG and darling Students, your patience is highly recognized and appreciated.

5. I would nevertheless, suggest that those who have issues with me or the Management do better by being official instead of the current Social Media Wars.

On behalf of the Management Information Committee and the Directorate of Communication and Related Matters, we very sincerely wish the Management and All Stakeholders in the affairs of the Polytechnic better days ahead.

Until we come your way again, expect your alert and remain committed to making the Polytechnic work right and better.

Daniel, Peter Kolo
(DC& RM) — at The Federal Polytechnic, Bida.


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