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A safe and healthy acid reflux treatment for relief: A personal story

Research has proven that reaching and maintaining a healthy body mass index (BMI) is the safest and healthiest acid reflux treatment approach available. RefluxMD started Scale Down for Relief (SDFR) in 2016 because we simply could not find any weight loss programs that were suitable for those suffering from GERD. One RefluxMD member using SDFR, MJ, offered to share her experience so others might be motivated to find the level of relief and good health she is experiencing today. I hope MJ’s story encourages you to take action this year and build your plan for relief.

MJ’s Story
“I’ve been talking to my doctor about my acid reflux episodes for the last few years, and when they got bad, she would put me on a PPI regimen until my symptoms were under control. She never suggested that if I lost weight, I could eliminate my GERD symptoms.

I’m not sure how I discovered RefluxMD’s website, but I’ve been following it for a few years now, trying all their suggestions to manage my GERD symptoms. I was reading an article at RefluxMD that mentioned losing weight can help reduce the pressure on the diaphragm and reduce or eliminate acid reflux symptoms.
At that time I was 5’4”, 64 years old, 169 pounds, and my BMI ballooned up to 29, one point shy of “obese”. I had been making excuses about my weight for years. I’ve tried several weight loss programs; some were more successful than others for weight loss, but none were successful at keeping the pounds off for more than a year or two.

MJ selects SDFR as her acid reflux treatment plan
At RefluxMD I read about their weight loss and GERD advisory program called Scale Down for Relief . I completed the online phone call request form and shortly thereafter I spoke with a health coach, Bruce Kaechele. I learned that SDFR utilizes Medifast replacement meals, which concerned me since I had tried a Medifast diet in the past and I was unable to lose weight.

Bruce seemed to think that either I was not following the diet guidelines or that I lacked adequate support. Since I was basically on my own last time, I realized that a big difference between my prior Medifast effort and SDFR was an active health coach and mentor. Bruce encouraged me to give this diet a try and promised he would be with me throughout the program, so I took a leap of faith and jumped in.
Results start fast
Boy, was Bruce right! A good coach makes all the difference in the world, and Bruce is a fantastic coach! I immediately lost weight the first week on the plan and on the average, I continued to lose a pound a week. More importantly, as I lost more weight I realized that my acid reflux episodes were gone!
There were some rough weeks when I didn’t see any weight loss, but Bruce would connect with other health coaches like Sandy Mason and Jan Paxton, as well as with doctors and nurses who work with the SDFR. As a team, we figured out what I could try to recharge my program in order to accelerate weight loss.

Success – a new happy and healthy MJ
I had my yearly exam with my doctor and she was amazed that I had lost so much weight, and then she encouraged me to stay the course and lose more weight to reach a healthier and lower BMI. I am very happy to report that I reached 140 (BMI of 24.0), which was actually Bruce’s target weight goal for me. At this point, I’ve gone down two pants sizes and I get compliments on how wonderful I look.

Bruce continues to contact me weekly by phone and email, and he is a great help in keeping me on track. I also now know how to get right back on the program if I need to lose a pound or two. On my path to a healthier lifestyle, I have learned how to record meals, make good food decisions, eat smaller portions, and drink more water!
MJ’s advice for others
I encourage anyone who has GERD to lose weight as the first thing to manage these painful symptoms. Not having to take PPIs or acid reducers to control my symptoms is next to a miracle. I feel good, I look good, my health is vastly improved, my blood work has come back great, I’m off cholesterol medications, and my doctor is thrilled.

I think the Scale Down for Relief program is a winner ! If you want to lose weight for any reason, this is the program you need to be on. Don’t try doing it alone – it won’t work long term. You need a good coach like Bruce and a team of experts to help you lose the weight and keep it off. I’m eternally grateful for this program; it saved my life.”
RefluxMD thanks MJ for sharing her personal journey to find a safe and healthy acid reflux treatment. To speak with Bruce about SDFR to set up a phone call.

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