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How an Unfair Dismissal Lawyer Can Help You Make a Claim

How an Unfair Dismissal Lawyer Can Help You Make a Claim

As an employee, you must be aware of your rights that cannot be exploited by any business owner. It is a worldwide issue that workers are threatened for job dismissal due to very silly reasons. Due to the lack of proper knowledge, many people become the victims of injustice. Nevertheless, there are some strict laws that can enforce a company or firm to pay your salary as per legal bounding. If you are also victimised by the administration of your company without any solid reason, unfair dismissal lawyers can help in this concern. There are many law firms available where special lawyers are provided for tackling such kind of cases. Hiring a legal advisor in this concern is a wise decision; just make sure that he/she has a good track record in recent cases.

There are some reasons for hiring a lawyer of unfair dismissal that you need to know. Take a look:-

When Can You Get The Help Of An Unfair Dismissal?

  1. If you are about to be promoted and the employer is taking advantage of this opportunity by putting extra workload. It is generally done to force the employee to leave the job willingly so that no one can directly blame the company.
  2. If you have completed the probation period, doing a job without any complaint still employer dismissed due to some silly reasons. If the employer is working efficiently and still exploited by employer, he/she can be sued with the unfair dismissal lawyers.
  3. In case if you are intentionally transferred to dangerous locations without adequate safety and support. In this way, employers indirectly force the employee to leave the company which is unethical.
  4. When your subordinate staff support is ended without any valid just to increase the workload. This is clearly an intentional step to eliminate an employee form business. If you are doing your duties efficiently, still employer forcing to leave, the unfair dismissal layers in Melbourne can file a case on your behalf to seek justice.
  5. If the employer is continuously transferring you to multiple locations without any solid reason, it disturbs the whole schedule of routine and employee is motivated to leave the job. If such kind of circumstances is occurring with you, consult the best unfair dismissal lawyers to take some legal actions.
  6. In a situation when the employer change your job duties so that you cannot perform well and they get a reason of dismissal, unfair dismissal lawyers can help. If you are efficient enough to do your actual job perfectly, they have no right of dismissal by giving a wrong job tag.

Protection from Harassment and Exploitation

Some special laws are enforced to protect the rights of every citizen whether you come in the category of labour or manager. If the rights are exploited, legal bodies can interfere in this matter to provide you an injustice. It is the legal right of every employee to protect his/her job. Under the section 385 of FWA state, any kind of injustice regarding termination of an employee is an offence. Dismissal without any reason, without prior information or without any warning due to poor performance can be challenged in court.

Due to the increasing number of exploitation cases, some special FastTrack courts are being settled so that employees don’t have to wait for too long to seek justice. If you are facing the situation id dismissal that has not any valid reason, the option of legal action is always open. In Melbourne, you can avail the services of PB Lawyers who have 20 years of experience and has the membership of the Law Institute of Victoria.


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