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The Importance Of Hiring A DWI Lawyer

The Importance Of Hiring A DWI Lawyer

Being charged with a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) case in Texas is very common nowadays. So, you need to be really careful and better avoid driving when you have taken alcohol.In-case, if you ever fall under such a circumstance, in order to save yourself from the charge you should always consider appointing a DWI Attorney Houston.

Late at night, when you are out with friends, you must have had a pint or two. In spite of feeling a bit tipsy, you decide to drive back. It is actually a bad decision. Just as you were about to drive out of the parking lot, you are caught and charged with DWI. You are at a loss, now what? How to get rescued from this situation?

As per the law in Texas, you can be charged with the crime of DWI if you are operating the vehicle at a public place and the alcohol content in your body is 0.08% or more than that or if you are not in your normal state of mind because of the use of drugs or alcohol. Both these situations are considered a crime, one is administrative and one is a criminal penalty for DWI. The type of crime depends on various factors like the level of alcohol in your system, if you had been convicted earlier and if there was a minor in your car during the incident. A DWI Attorney Houston will have the best idea as to which category of crime you fall into and save you accordingly.

The Role Played By A DWI Lawyer

When you hire an experienced lawyer, preferably from a trusted firm, he or she works in close coordination with you in every step of the procedure. They play a vital role in protecting your rights; keep informing you from time to time about the progress of the case and in which direction it is moving. Apart from this, they also continuously guide and counsel you so that you can better deal with the situation. A good lawyer can actually understand the level of stress you are undergoing when fighting a DWI case. Any professional lawyer knows the tricks of handling such cases successfully, so you can easily count on them. While working with an expert lawyer you can make out that their focus is much better and they are a lot more outspoken and aggressive. While selecting a good DWI attorney in town, you can either rely on the references or gather information from the reputed websites.

Situations You Can Avoid

Usually the punishment for any first time DWI case is about 180 days behind the bars and around 2000 dollars. Within ten years, if it is your second offense then you will have to face a compulsory jail term. When it is the third time, it is under any circumstance considered a crime. But hiring a professional expert DWI Lawyer can save you from all these troubles and a lot more.

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