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Get Mesothelioma Lawyer Directory

Mesothelioma Lawyer Directory – Any Ideas for Getting Started


Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last thread/post, so here goes folks.

I’ve got myself a mesothelioma related domain and am planning to launch a lawyer directory on the same. The step where I need you guys to help me out is to guide me about two things:

1. What strategy should I adopt to get as many conversions (paid of course) in a three to six month time?

2. I’ve seen that Adsense clicks are pretty huge on this niche, any thoughts how I can get the benefit from it (if I only had to rely on Adsense; which is not my primary plan though).

I am planning to make at least 100 paid subscribers in three months. Is it possible? Obviously I have already managed a plan to get things started on a regular basis just to keep things shaking and in action.

The directory I am about to start is paid but in the start, I will add free lawyer listings just to increase the number pages of my site. Now from the conversion point, I have a plan, don’t know how much solid it is.

What I am thinking: I would add ten top mesothelioma lawyers of each state in my directory and will add a separate listing page for them each. This way, they will all have a dedicated page of their law firm; with no ads at all. Now when I do this, I will also email the lawyer informing him/her that we have placed a free listing of their law firm for One Month. If they want to keep the listing running, they will have to pay an annual fee.

How does that sound?

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