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Harvard Fellowships in Sustainability Science

Harvard Fellowships in Sustainability Science

Doctoral/Postdoctoral Fellowship

Study in:  USA
Next program starts September 2019

Brief description:

The Sustainability Science Program at Harvard University offers doctoral, post-doctoral, and mid-career fellowships in Sustainability Science. The fellowships are tenable during Harvard’s academic year beginning in September 2019.

Host Institution(s):

Center for International Development at Harvard University, USA


Fields of study:

This year’s competition is focused on two thematic areas related to energy and sustainability. The University is seeking applications focusing on: 1) decarbonizing energy systems in the European Union and 2) designing, developing, and/or implementing sustainable energy and related resource policies and programs in China.


Number of Awards:

Not specified.


Target group:

Doctoral and post-doctoral students and mid-career professionals


Scholarship value/inclusions:

Fellowship appointments offer a stipend of $45,830 for post-doctoral fellows, and $25,000 for pre-doctoral fellows, over the ten month academic year (September–June), equivalent to $55,000 and $30,000, respectively, on a yearly basis. Stipends for practitioner, mid-career, and senior research fellows are commensurate with experience.

Fellows have the option to enroll in Harvard University’s employee health insurance program at a subsidized rate for the duration of their fellowship.



The Sustainability Science Fellowships are open to advanced doctoral and post-doctoral students, and to mid-career professionals engaged in research or practice that advances the goals of the program (see above).

Prospective fellows should have a focused personal research or writing objective that is consistent with those goals. In addition, applicants should be interested in spending some of their time as fellows in collaborations with other fellows and faculty in the program in ways that will advance the interdisciplinary, problem-driven agenda of sustainability science more broadly.

Applications for the mid-career fellowships are invited from individuals in governmental, non-governmental, private organizations, or academia with at least five years of professional experience doing work involved in linking science and practice for sustainable development.

Applications for the post-doctoral fellowships are welcome from recent recipients of the Ph.D. or equivalent degree. (Applicants must have completed their Ph.D. between 2011 and 2016.)

Applicants for a doctoral fellowship must currently be enrolled in a doctoral program and have passed their qualifying exams (completed coursework and passed oral and/or written exams) by July 2016. Applicants whose doctoral programs do not require qualifying exams must have completed all the required coursework for the Ph.D., since fellows will not be doing course work while at Harvard.


Application instructions:

It is important to read the application instructions and visit the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Deadline: 15 February 2019 (annual)



Official Scholarship Website and FAQs: http://www.hks.harvard.edu/centers/cid/programs/sustsci/grants-fellowships/fellows/fellowships-in-sustainability-science

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